Best Laser Jammer of 2013

What would Laser Jammer .net say the Best Laser Jammer of 2013 is? The decision between the Blinder HP-905 Compact and the Laser Interceptor Generation 8 (G8) is close.

Both are full featured jammers with their own advantages (jammer head size for the HP-905 Compact and frequent updates for the LI G8), but we’ve chosen the Laser Interceptor G8 as the Best Laser Jammer of 2013.


Both the LI G8 and the HP-905 Compact have the cutting edge laser jammer features such as update-able firmware and voice alerts that identify what laser gun is targeting the laser jammer. Both systems offer support for up to four laser jammer heads. The HP-905 Compact’s laser jammer heads are very small (Blinder says they’re the ‘World’s Smallest), but the LI G8 offers slim sensors, vertical sensors for BMW grilles, and High Powered heads for those with large vehicles or large wallets.

Advantage: TIE. Both systems are full-featured.

Early Verdict: Have limited space on your front end? Blinder. Have a BMW or need High-Power heads? Laser Interceptor.

Laser Interceptor Generation 8

Laser Interceptor Generation 8


Both systems offer the ability to update the CPU software (firmware) via USB update cable. The Blinder comes with the update cable in the box, while the LI doesn’t offer one themselves, leaving users to ensure they purchase the right cable on their own. While Blinder users have their cable from the get-go, they have fewer updates with which to use it. Laser Interceptor offers updates more frequently and, with new laser/LIDAR guns being released, and guns like the Laser Ally being frequently updated, having the newest software could easily be the different between a close call and a speeding ticket.

Advantage: Laser Interceptor. More frequent updates means better jamming capability.


The HP-905 and the LI Gen 8 are normally neck and neck in independent laser jammer tests. However, Laser Interceptor comes in #1 a bit more than the Blinder does. The 2012 Laser Jammer Tests and 2013 Laser Jammer Tests back this up with hard data.

Blinder HP-905 Compact Laser Jammer

Blinder HP-905 Compact Laser Jammer

Advantage: Laser Interceptor

Customer Service

While both Blinder and Laser Interceptor have US distributors, Laser Interceptor’s US distributor Cliff is praised high and low throughout the online radar and laser forums. Known for his quick replies to email and great troubleshooting, Cliff goes about and beyond to ensure that customers are happy.

Advantage: Laser Interceptor Verdict: Laser Interceptor G8

While the Blinder HP-905 Compact is a fully featured laser jammer, the LI G8 has better updates, fares better in testing (by a nose), and comes backed by better customer service. However, for any jammer owners looking to take advantage of the small size of the Blinder HP-905 Compact Heads, it’s worth another look.

The Laser Interceptor G8 Dual System retails for $549.00 and the Laser Interceptor G8 Quad goes for $799.00.

Visit Laser Interceptor’s Official eBay Store for the latest pricing and Specials.

The Blinder HP-905 Compact Dual System retails for $539.00, while the Blinder HP-905 Compact Quad System goes for $809.00.

Find the latest Blinder Laser Jammer Pricing and Specials!

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